How To Do Bulk Envelope Transfers

Sometimes you might want to do a number of different envelope transfers all at once–to close out a month, for example. Here’s a quick tip on how to do that in a single transaction.

Rather than using individual envelope transfers to move money between your envelopes, use a single “Add Money or Receive Income” type transaction.

  1. Fill in the date of your adjustment transaction
  2. Pick an Account if you’re on the Plus or Premium plan (doesn’t matter which, since we’re going to make the total come out to be zero)
  3. Put in something for the “Who” field, e.g., “Bulk Envelope Transfers”
  4. Choose the “Specify…” option.
  5. Then, choose the “Add a Specific Amount” action for each envelope you want to adjust. Use positive numbers to transfer money into an envelope, negative to transfer money out.
  6. Make sure the “Total Income/Adjustment” at the bottom is 0.
  7. When you’ve got the right amounts in each envelope, save the transaction.

That’s it! This method saves you from having to do individual envelope transfers in and out.