FAQ: Device limit reached? Help me login, please.


  1. my wife is on iOS and I am on Android. those are the only devices. no computers. yet the I am unable to log in, “you have exceeded your limit of 2 devices…”

    please help
    Thank you!
    – Mark

    • Hi Mark,

      Did you have a software update on one of your phones recently? Each time you update, Goodbudget will see your device as a “new” device. While there is a limit to how many devices can be logged in, there isn’t a limit to how often you login on the web. You can revoke access to your old devices (or old version) on the web under My Household > Manage Devices (https://www.goodbudget.com/household/devices). If you revoke access to a device by accident, just login again.

      Hope this helps!

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