Scheduled Transactions. Now on iPhone too.

See upcoming expenses on your phone

No more going to the web just to see when your monthly Cell Phone bill is due. See your scheduled transactions right on your phone. (We should’ve put them there, like, yesterday!)

Tap the ‘Schedule this…’ box when you’re adding a transaction to create a weekly expense, monthly income, or yearly transfer.

Fill your Envelopes automatically every month

Wake up to full, green Envelopes on the first of the month! Schedule your Envelope Fill, and we’ll do the rest automatically — every month.

To get started, tap on the Fill Envelopes icon and tell Goodbudget how you’d like to fill those Envelopes each time. And, remember to schedule it!

Get the latest version of Goodbudget from the App Store!

Happy budgeting!

– The Goodbudget Team

P.S. This feature is also available on Android. Head to the Google Play Store to download to get the update.

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