Goodbudget Gives You Free Stuff

In Goodbudget, tons of things that were only for paid plans before are now free. Because it’s better to give than to receive.

When Goodbudget makes its debut to planet Earth…

Everyone will get one free bank account with Goodbudget

You had to pay for this before. The best part is you’ll be able to import transactions from your bank so you can keep track of your actual account balances and know what’s really there.

No more guessing. No more fear of overdrafting. Not to mention, your information will be secure and accurate.

Everyone will get to schedule future transactions

This feature was so handy for people, we couldn’t resist making it free. We wanted all of our users to have it!

This feature saves you time by refilling envelopes automatically (only if you want, of course) and helps you budget for future expenses (like that new refrigerator you’ve been wanting for months).

Schedule your transactions for next month, and they’ll actually come out next month. Things like your rent, insurance, car payment, adding those fixed costs is simpler than ever before.

The pricing plans are going to be way simpler

Four different plans (free, basic, plus, premium) for a budgeting app? Too complicated. Goodbudget has only two – free and plus. The plus plan is like the premium plan for EEBA but cheaper. Think top-of-the-line Mercedes at Pinto prices.

With the new plus plan (eight dollars a month, that’s like a Big Mac and fries at McDonald’s), you get:

  • Unlimited regular envelopes
  • Unlimited annual envelopes
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Up to 5 devices synced
  • 7 years of transaction history
  • Personal email support

We listened, thought about what you wanted, and made these decisions to make your life better.


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15 thoughts on “Goodbudget Gives You Free Stuff”

  1. Love the new name, when I tell someone about my budgeting app, it is a lot more intuitive and easy to remember “Goodbudget”! The simple pricing structure is nice, and the free option is sufficient for most people to get started with Goodbudget. Good job guys!

  2. Very impressive. Thank you. Neat to see a group be so proactive.

    I have been a Dave Ramsey fan for years but couldn’t really budget because of the way my wife and I spend money. It was too hard having two sets of many envelopes and trying to move money back and forth. I kept playing with various apps. I couldn’t find one I liked…until I found yours. It has changed (vastly improved) the way we spend, save and give.

    My daughter and I just got back from a trip to Israel. We avoided a lot of wasteful spending and purchased wisely because we had your app.

    Our family has been using the app since August. There have been so many times that I’ve said, “I’m so glad we have budget.” I had no idea, for instance, how much we spent eating out. Just today, I told my wife that I could meet her for lunch except we had no money in the restaurants budget. She said, “We have a gift card.” In the past we’d have gone out, spent indiscriminately and the gift card would have sat in a drawer, forgotten.

    I have referred quite a few to your app and will do so even more now. Thanks for giving me a way to “budget evangelize” as we try to help family and friends spend, save and give wisely.

    I agree with your values and I appreciate you sharing them with us.

    Blessings, Bill

    • @Bill, We’re glad you like it, and it’s great to hear that the app has been helping you, your family, and your friends to spend, save, and give wisely. That’s why we do what we do!

  3. Is there a way to restrict additional devices? I’d like my older girls to see how much we have in various envelopes (but maybe not all, like “Christmas”) and be able to enter transactions when they use “Kids’ Debit Card”. But I don’t want them to be able to move money (at least without permission), accidentally change the budget or see the details of transactions others entered.

    Today, they text me their transactions and I enter them. It works, but having “Restricted Devices” would be wonderful. It could even notify parent devices of any spending so there are no surprises.

    It would be a great way to further teach my kids about budgeting and prepare them for their personal budget as they transition to adulthood.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Blessings, Bill

    • @Bill – At the moment, no — all devices on a household have the same full access to the shared budget. But that’s an intriguing idea as a way to help kids participate in the family budget. We’ve heard from folks who’ve signed their kids up for Goodbudget Free as a way to start managing their personal budgets, though I understand that’s not quite the same as giving the kids visibility into the family budget.

    • @Angie – All free users should have one account available. You can add yours on the Accounts tab under Add / Edit.

    • @Kathryn, Sorry for the confusion! There is one account included in the free version. If you found a place where it says 0, please let us know so we can fix it. Thanks!

    • Thanks for supporting us by subscribing! Subscribers to EEBA Plus have automatically been upgraded to Goodbudget Plus. So you’re paying the same price you’ve always paid, but now you have more Envelopes and more Devices than before. Subscribers to EEBA Basic keep the same features and same price they signed up for, and they get scheduled items now too as an added bonus. EEBA Premium subscribers keep the same features and same price that they originally signed up for unless they choose to change their subscription.

    • @Kim, On EEBA Basic (the $3/month plan), you had 20 Monthly Envelopes, 20 Annual Envelopes, and 3 devices. Now, you have scheduled items too. The new Goodbudget Free plan offers 10 Monthly Envelopes, 10 Annual Envelopes, 2 devices, and 1 Account.

  4. My GoodBudget app on my iPhone keeps saying, “Thanks for upgading you subscription.” However, I never upgraded anything! How do I cancel this “upgrade” before this app charges me money that I don’t have?!

    • @Diane – sorry for the confusion there! It sounds like you might be seeing that note because of the free upgrade we gave to all users to include one free Account. We’re working on changing the text on that screen so it’s less confusing. You can check to see whether you’re being charged by going to the website under My Household > Billing. If you’ve been charged in error, email us at and we’d be happy to send you a refund.

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