Can’t find Goodbudget in Google Play?

Can’t find the Goodbudget app by searching in Market? Or don’t have Market installed, like on the Kindle Fire? We’ll post the latest release here.

Download the APK:

And here’s a link explaining how to install the APK onto your phone.

Also, would you mind leaving a comment below with:

  • The model of your phone, e.g. Droid Incredible, Nexus One, HTC Tattoo
  • The version of the Android OS (e.g., 2.1, 2.2, etc.) that you are running
  • Whether you rooted your phone (installed a custom OS)
  • The country you are accessing Market from (United States, Norway, etc.)

This will help us know why the application is not displaying in Market. Thanks!


  1. HTC Evo
    OS v2.2
    No root

  2. Hi, thanks David. That’s odd. We have an Evo running Froyo and find it in Market without a problem. But thanks for the info.

  3. Droid 2
    OS 2.2
    No Root (just bought it today)

  4. Droid and Droid X (on Verizon)
    OS v2.2
    No root

  5. Since I could not find the file on Android Market, I tried to follow the link to download the file directly and it shows file not found.

  6. HTC Incredible

  7. also, link to the apk on this site isn’t working on my netbook or my phone.

  8. Samsung galaxy gt_i500.
    Amdroid 2.1
    new zealand
    no root

  9. Kindle Fire

  10. Able to install on Kindle Fire. Can the icon quality match the other icons? It is very blurry.

  11. Hi Chrissy, thanks for reporting that icon issue. I’ve forwarded it to our devs, thanks for letting us know!

  12. Coby Kyros MID7035
    4.0.1, no root

  13. Galaxy S2
    OS 4.0.3 (Android)
    No root
    UAE (United Arab Emirates)

  14. Kindle Fire HD v7.1.5
    no root

  15. BlackBerry 10.2.1

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