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Meet Dave. As the father of a growing family, Dave has a lot to keep track of. With Goodbudget, he's able to manage his finances, stay on the same page with his family, and spend on what's really important in life.

This is his story.
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No more surprises

With the tried-and-true envelope system, Dave is never caught off-guard by a bill or sudden expense. Each month he takes his paycheck and sets aside what he needs for the month.

Envelope budgeting system | Goodbudget
Dave and Sarah are on the same page about their finances with Goodbudget

Stay on the same page

With a budget that’s shareable across their phones and the web, Dave and his wife Sarah are always on the same page with their spending.

Spend on what’s important

With Goodbudget, Dave and Sarah craft a budget that reflects their values. They set aside what they need each month, and choose how to use the rest based on what's important to them.
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