What’s Next for Goodbudget

What’s Next

It probably sounds cheesy, but you all are the reason we do what we do.  Every day, we listen to what you tell us about Goodbudget: why you love it, what you wish you could do, what’s bugging you.  And based on your feedback, we prioritize (and re-prioritize!) what to do next.


We’re actively developing and testing these right now. If you walked into our office today, you could see an unfinished working prototype with these features.

  • Web: Save file-imported transactions for later
  • Web: Add bank connections, automatically sync transactions
  • iOS: Confirm & categorize automatically synced transactions
  • Android: View automatically synced transactions


We’re working out how these ideas would really work. What do our Goodbudgeters need in this feature? How should it work? Can we really build it? How long will it take? If you walked into our office today, you could see write-ups or sketches of these features.

  • iOS: Add bank connections, automatically sync transactions
  • Android: Confirm & categorize automatically synced transactions


We envision a future Goodbudget with these features.  We’d love to design and build them for you.  But it will take time.  If you walked into our office today and wanted to chat, we’d get super excited about dreaming with you.

  • Bulk Transfer across multiple Envelopes
  • Android: Debt Progress Report

What's New

Here’s a quick overview of our most recent releases that are already available to you in Goodbudget. You asked, and we made it happen.

  • iOS: Envelope Groups [Released November 9, 2023]
  • iOS: Due Dates on Monthly and More Envelopes [Released January 30, 2023]
  • Web: Income by Source Report [Released October 3, 2022]
  • All platforms: Emoji on Transactions [Released September 6, 2022]
  • iPhone: Emoji on Envelopes and Accounts [Released June 13, 2022]
  • And many bugfixes too!

For more details on past releases, check out our changelog.

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