Cash Stuffing But Make It Virtual With Goodbudget

Budgeting for the 21st Century

Cash stuffing is the trend that just won’t quit — and for good reason! It’s a great option for folks that are looking to manage money and accomplish financial goals, like paying down debt or building an emergency fund. 

Fans of cash stuffing credit it with giving them more control over their spending. Because their money is set aside in a physical envelope in a real binder, it’s easy to see when there’s no more money to spend. 

Sounds perfect! Right? 

Here’s where Goodbudget comes in

It’s obvious that the cash stuffing method works, but there are still some drawbacks when it comes to carrying physical cash around in envelopes. Here’s how Goodbudget fixes them.

Track cash virtually

It’s not always practical to carry cash these days, and that makes cash stuffing less appealing. Real envelopes filled with cash can be bulky and cumbersome to tote around, and it might not be the safest choice either. (Who wants to carry around hundreds of dollars while running errands, or leave thousands of dollars laying around the house for bills?) Using cash also means you don’t get to rack up rewards and points like you can when you use a credit card.

Since Goodbudget allows you to track the money in your accounts via an app, you’re able to utilize the cash stuffing method virtually. 

That means you can still use your credit card to get those rewards, and so you don’t have to worry about dropping loose bills on the ground.

Keep your money all in one place

Using the cash stuffing method with physical envelopes may work if you have just a few envelopes to track. But it can get overwhelming pretty quickly if you’re tracking lots. 

Having lots of envelopes also means you most likely are only taking a few envelopes with you when you’re out running errands. That might be annoying if you later decide you need to spend out of an envelope you didn’t bring! 

Because Goodbudget is always with you on your phone, all of the information you need is with you all in one place. Need to see how much you have in your Clothing Envelope? You can do  that even when you’re one the go.

Goodbudget is great for paying down debt

You can obviously still pay down debt if you opt to go with the physical cash stuffing method. But what you won’t get are reports and tracking that help you visualize your debt payoff progress. 

Debt Accounts with Goodbudget allow you to track your real-life debt balance on the go, so you can see exactly where you are on your debt payoff journey right from your phone. 

Take your cash stuffing binder digital with Goodbudget now!

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