EEBA Launches for iPhone!

Easy Envelope Budget app in App StoreWe are so incredibly excited to announce that EEBA for iPhone is now live in the App Store!

EEBA 1.0 for iPhone is quite possibly the best mobile version of EEBA yet.

All the Goodies You Love,
iPhone Style

  • Track spending at the store
  • Save for big expenses
  • Manage your money
  • See your Envelopes at a glance
  • Check to see if you’re on track with the “little white line”

What’s New for iPhone

  • Better envelope funding. All the same ways you can fund your envelopes on the web! (Except Scheduled.)
  • Proper Unallocated Money handling. Keep income unallocated and distribute later.  Great for handling multiple and/or irregular incomes!

Excited, much?

We are! If you loved EEBA for Android but switched to an iPhone, you can keep using EEBA to stay on budget! Or if you’re like me (iPhone user) and my husband (Android user), you can share Envelopes on the go with your budget partner, even if they have a different kind of phone. And if you’re new to EEBA, we hope you’ll fall in love with her — just like thousands before you. We’re looking forward to hearing about how EEBA helps you keep your budget and stay on the same page!

How to Get EEBA for iPhone

First, you’ll need an EEBA household username. Don’t have one? Sign up on the web. (EEBA 1.0 for iPhone won’t work without it.)

Then, get the app! Click here.

Easy Envelope Budget app in App Store

Never heard of EEBA?

The Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) is an envelope budgeting system for Android™, iPhone® & Web.

EEBA keeps you on track with virtual Envelopes! EEBA helps you:

  • Plan a personal or family budget
  • Track spending at the store
  • Save for big expenses
  • Manage your money

Learn more about EEBA…


  1. How awesome is that?! I REALLY like the Android version, but now, I can stop carrying 2 devices! Thank you!

  2. It would be great to have the Account Balances at the top of the “Accounts” tab … Just sayin’.

    • David, It sounds like you’d want to see a total of Account Balances for all your Checking / Savings / Cash Accounts showing at the top of the Accounts screen. Is that right?

  3. So excited about this!! I loved EEBA when I had my Android phone, and I haven’t found anything I like as much with my iPhone. I’m coming back to EEBA for sure!

  4. Having the balances at the top of the Accounts screen would be wonderful. That would also make me feel like I lost anything moving from Android to iPhone. Thanks.

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