Traveling with EEBA: Saving Up for a Vacation

This spring, I’ll be heading off to the Big Apple to visit friends and enjoy some time off. In the past, I’ve shied away from setting or following a budget while on vacation. It felt good to take a break from budgeting, but this unregulated spending often led to piles of leftovers after eating out, an overstuffed suitcase packed with too many souvenirs, and -worst of all- an empty bank account.

This year, I’ve resolved to be smarter and less wasteful with my vacation spending.  Following the principles of envelope budgeting I want to set a budget for my vacation now and start funding it in advance of my trip. By putting money aside today, I hope to enjoy my vacation tomorrow without having to dip into my savings.

With EEBA, I was able to do this in two easy steps.

  1. I used the Edit Budget page to create a new Annual / Irregular Envelope called “NYC” and gave it a budget to match how much I intend to spend for the entire trip. This lets me build up my vacation fund and track my progress over time.
  2. To start filling the Envelope now I adjusted  my monthly Scheduled Fill to add less to my “Groceries” and “Entertainment” Envelopes, putting what I saved into the “NYC” Envelope. It wasn’t easy deciding where to cut back, but overall it’s a trade-off that I’m willing to make to be able to afford my vacation.

Now I can sit back, stick with my budget, and let my NYC Envelope fill up!

(Photo: Joisey showaa/Flickr Creative Commons)

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