Reports come to Goodbudget for iPhone

The two most popular web reports now on iPhone!


Spending by envelope report. This colorful report shows what you spent on each category for this month, last week, last month, whatever time range will help you understand your spending. Try tapping on your food, fun, or vacation envelope, the chart will highlight it!

Income vs spending report. The income versus spending report shows if you’re living within your means, or just plain ol’ spending more than you’re making.

Why yes, Goodbudget for iPhone did get a facelift.


With this launch, we gave the iPhone app a facelift with a new font and color scheme, to make it easier on the eyes. We hope you’ll love the new look. Our goal is to always keep Goodbudget up-to-date for you, our Goodbudgeters!

Go to the App Store to update to the newest version of Goodbudget for iPhone.

Happy budgeting!

– The Goodbudget Team


  1. It’s already a month, when are these features coming to android?

    • Hi Jay,

      Adding reports to the Android app is in our plans, but we don’t have date for its release. You can see what we’re actively working on at

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