Web: Debt Accounts are here!

Get started now. Here’s how.

Pick the option that shows how you’ve been keeping track of your debts in Goodbudget so far.

Option 1: Payments only, no debt balances

If you’ve been tracking your monthly payment with a regular Envelope and not tracking the balance of your debt using an Account, you can find instructions on how to transition here.

Option 2: Debt Balances, and Payments too

If you’ve been using our old workaround with Debt Balance Envelopes to track your debt balance, you can see how to transition here.

Learn more about new Debt Accounts on the web

In case you missed the official announcement and would like to know more about Debt Accounts on the web, click here to learn more.

Happy budgeting,
-The Goodbudget Team

P.S. Season 2 of The Goodbudget Way podcast launches next month! Hear Karisa share about her journey to getting into $40,000 of debt… and paying it off. Click here to join the list to get sneak previews.

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