Budget with a why

Don’t Budget Like a Dieter

Spent too much on Christmas shopping? New Year’s Resolution: Spend less! Ate too many holiday sweets and savory treats? New Year’s Resolution: Eat less! But wait… we all know where the belt-tightening road leads. You tell yourself “no, no, no…”

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FAQ: What’s that line on my Envelope bar?

Update EEBA is now Goodbudget! Goodbudget has all the great features of EEBA (and more!) in a new and updated interface. Check out our updated article on this topic, and check out the Goodbudget Help Center for the most recent

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Aw, shucks…EEBA hits the top 25 chart!

Wow, we just don’t know what to say! That is, except one giant THANK YOU. After only six days in the App Store, you lovely EEBA users pushed our little app up to the Top 200 Free Finance Apps for

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When Budget Meets Reality

This coming new year, one of my resolutions will be to eat out less. Living in San Francisco it’s hard not to be affected by the “slow food” culture at work here, but for me eating out less isn’t about

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