How do I install and sync my EEBA Household across multiple phones?

How do I download the EEBA application to my phone?

  1. You can download the EEBA app free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Once the app is installed you can create a new EEBA Household straight from your phone, or login to an existing EEBA Household. EEBA will automatically sync all of your Envelopes, Transactions, and Accounts.

How do I sync with my spouse?

The best way to stay in sync with your spouse is to talk to them = )

If you’d like to share your EEBA budget with them as well, just login with the same Household Username and Password on each device.  Then you’ll automatically be syncing your budgets—between your mobile devices and the web!

How do I sync between my phone and the website?

Once you register, the EEBA app on your phone will sync to the website automatically. Just login to the EEBA website ( with the same Household Username and Password that you used on your phone to see the changes.  Anything you do on the website will sync back down to your phones as well.


  1. on moto droid – i just deleted the shortcut and readded the shortcut and it worked fine.

    thanks for the great app.


  2. I too got the error message that the program was deleted, on my HTC and deleted the program. I will re-install it.

  3. i cant find eeba on android market. My wife an i both use it. I got a new htc hero and it will not find eeba on the market. on my wifes htc hero as she already has the program on her phone it will find it on the android market. I love this app but am stuck???

  4. So fare so good. I’m new to the droid market but I’m loving it. Who needs a computer