Add Goodbudget to Your Devices

Goodbudget is available wherever you have internet access. You can access Goodbudget on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Changes are backed up automatically so you’ll always know how much you have to spend no matter which device you’re using.

Use Goodbudget on your home computer or tablet

Head to the Goodbudget website and login using your Household username / email address and password. There is no limit to how many computers or tablets can access your Household on the web. Just be sure to log off once you’re done to keep your information safe!

Take Goodbudget with you on your iPhone or Android smartphone

To access Goodbudget on your phone, install the Goodbudget app and login with your Household username / email address and password. You can download Goodbudget for Android on Google Play or for iPhone in the App Store.  The Free version lets you share a budget with up to two mobile devices at a time, while the Premium version supports up to 5 mobile devices.

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