Release – EEBA back on Market

As some of you may have noticed, we pulled EEBA from Market after our 1.5.0 release last Friday. We identified some bugs that we thought would cause some folks to be concerned about their data (but because the data is sync’ed to the website, your data was safe). These are the items that were fixed:

  • Force Closes – In 1.5.0, occasionally, even when EEBA wasn’t running, there would be a Force Close (EEBA). This was due to a change in the way we handled sync’ing in order to allow you to sync Envelopes, Budgets, Device-Specific Envelope orders, and Budget Periods back to the site. This should be fixed in
  • Edit Income when Envelopes are Hidden – this might be something that you didn’t even notice, but if you did, it likely gave you a shock. If you hid envelopes that were involved in an Income transaction previously and went to edit the Income, it would look like all of the amounts added to Envelopes were added to the wrong Envelopes. In fact, the adds are in the correct envelopes (which you’ll see if you go on the website), but they were *displaying* incorrectly on the edit screen.

If you experienced any of these issues–we’re very sorry! Version 1.5.0 moves EEBA forward significantly in that you can now create envelopes, change budgets, etc. on the app itself, which many of you may find more convenient. Thanks for your patience as we work to bring you the best little budgeting software possible!