Budget with a Why: Plan Your Route

Which route will you take?

To start planning our budgets, we turned our maps in the direction that’s most important to us. Now, it’s time to plan the journey! Straight shot or the scenic route? Get out the highlighters and plan your route to get you where you want to go. (Psst – it’s called making a budget!)

Karisa said a stable future is most important to her. So we asked, “How might you adjust your money habits to reflect your value for stability more?” And she said:

“I’m going to get really technical. Before, in Goodbudget, whatever money I had left over at the end of the month I would stash into my Debt Envelope. And I’d use that as my debt payment the following month. It was working, but what that communicated to me is that I can pretty much spend on whatever I want, and whatever’s left will be for debt, a.k.a. will be left for creating myself a stable future that’s secure and getting myself to be debt free.


So, I earmarked a large portion of my income to go to debt, and I’ll fill my Debt Envelope with that money at the start of every month. Now, I’m telling myself that my future is the most important thing to me. That’s the route that’s going to get me to debt freedom by the end of the year.”

Okay, now your turn! You know your direction, but maybe you’re thinking, “Do I take the shortest route to get me there faster?” Or, “Do I take the one with the best views?” Here’s what to do to help you help you plan.

  1. Remember what’s most important to you on your money map.
  2. How might you adjust your money habits to reflect what’s most important? Imagine some possibilities — you might not do them all.
  3. Make a budget that’s in line with what’s important, and include some of the changes you imagined. (This is where you get down and dirty with the numbers! Need help? Here’s how to make a budget.)

Share your plan. Comment below!

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