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Week 6 | GB 201: Budget With a Why

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Good work creating your budget! You’ve got your budget showing what’s important to you — that’s your money map that guides your spending, saving, and giving decisions. Now, it’s time to take the first step on your journey. What’s one thing you can do today that’s in line with your priorities?We asked Karisa, and here’s the one thing she’s going to do:
“I could actually go make a payment on my car! I have some money already set aside for debt that I haven’t actually done anything with. So what I can do today is take the money and make a pretty significant payment on my car loan.”
And how she feels about it:
“It’s really scary. What if I need this money for something else? And I hate seeing my bank account look that small. Especially because I’m valuing security, and it looks like I have less of that. But I feel like I’m taking care of my future self so much more. I think I’ll feel relieved after I make this payment.”
Okay, now your turn! What’s one step you can take today to start your journey? Doing something today is important — it helps you experience success and gain momentum toward your goals.
  1. Look at your budget — that’s your money map.
  2. Imagine one thing you can do today that’s in line with your budget priorities. It could be a spending, saving, or giving choice.
  3. Do it. Now!

Share your first step. Comment below!

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This online course is free. Get this course straight into your inbox.

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13 thoughts on “Start your Journey”

  1. In our Goodbudget, we have an envelope for generosity. When we got married, we decided to put aside money to give toward a cause (or causes) that we believe in. We’ve been setting aside the money, but it’s all just sitting there in that envelope because we never decided what/who we wanted to give to. This week, I’ll sit down with my husband and together we’ll decide what we want to do with the money.

    It’s easy to think, “Wow, this is a significant amount and can go toward our next house project,” or “This is *too* much to donate,” but I think it’s good practice to give back, to reflect on and be grateful for what we already have, and try to help someone else out.

    • Be my this is amazing!!!!! Hats off to you n your husband you most definitely will be blessed for this. I’ve been pouring money into an acct for a family who need a home for a couple yrs now. I’m so excited to see the home they get!

    • That’s amazing, good for you, I’m struggling right now and just found this site and thinking of all the children and violence and evictions etc. that are happening; that money can help make a difference to the lives of more than you’d imagine

  2. All my monthly and yearly expenses are fully allocated which also include tithes/offering and savings. I’ve been wanting to focus on getting dental work done last year so that is what I’m using Savings for right now because budgeting has made it possible. I’m sure I will be pleased with the results and feel good that I have the Savings to do so. It’s good to keep track and keep everything in balance. So far, so good.

  3. you are nuts use the monies for the good of yourself and husband.. but don’t waste it use it for the good of your twosome. god helps those who help themselves,

  4. That phrase about God helps those who help themselves is NOT in the bible, nor do I know of its origin. I almost believe that it’s one’s responsibility to get the ball rolling, get yourself on that road forward. Then, along the way you might benefit from others for whatever end goal you’ve set. The other is taking care of yourself first in order to take care of others. Don’t cut yourself short; you’d be setting yourself up for failure. By starting the journey, it lets others know that you are serious.

  5. That’s a clear example of paying it forward. One should not have to shoulder the burden on their own. Help someone in whatever means you can, and if they say they will repay you, metaphorically speaking, just tell them to pay it forward for someone in dire straights (straits). I love doing this.

  6. One thing that I did today to better reflect my goals was to make different savings envelopes. Before I just had a single spot for savings – it was my short-term and my long-term. Now I have three envelopes – one for my 6-month fund, one for a short-term emergency fund so that I can hopefully soon pay for things that break unexpectedly, and one that is about a specific want. For the last one, any budgeted money I don’t spend on eating out or entertainment goes there. The other two get automatic transfers right off the top each month to make sure I build them up.

  7. Looking at how I budget and other people’s comments, I realized that I was budgeting for a lot of stuff, but was missing an envelope for fun. So this is what I will change today

  8. I just started doing cash envelopes: rent-$665
    Bus pass-$32
    I learned this from watching budget mom on YouTube I keep all my reciepts write down in my budget book


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