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Hi there,

Now that it’s 2010, how’s your budget coming? If you haven’t checked out EEBA lately, we’ve tweaked a bunch of things and added new features, many of them suggested by you!

Especially if you signed up early (thanks!) and thought EEBA was *too* simple, come back! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

New Android App Features

The most recent couple releases of the application include:

New EEBA Main Screen

  • Visual help staying on track. Flick your trackball through the Envelopes on the main screen if you haven’t already. EEBA will tell you how she’s feeling =). For weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly budgeters, the line indicates where you ought to be. Make a quick decision about whether it’s leftovers this Friday night…or if you’re going out!
  • Splits! Splits are now on the app. Scroll down to the bottom of the Envelope dropdown to get yours. Now your supermarket trip can go into Groceries, Household, Dining Out…all in one super-fast transaction.
  • Compact Layout. Already familiar with EEBA and want a bit more to show when the soft keyboard is open? Turn on compact layout in Settings.
  • Add Funds. Refill or reset your envelopes, or add specific amounts on the app. (Sorry, can’t delete refills via app yet =(, but that’s coming too).
  • A bunch of minor improvements. Delete expenses you’ve recorded, better handling of expenses vs. credit/refunds, help screens incorporated throughout (hit MENU on most screens), and much more.

And of course, EEBA’s automagic syncing means you can enter transactions *wherever* you might be (even without a signal) and never need to worry about backing up or losing your data on your phone.

New Website Features

Our most recent Web releases include:

  • Support for different types of budgeters. Budget weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or bi-weekly? We’ve got you covered. Set when your budget period starts so EEBA can tell you how you’re doing.
  • In-line editing! Edit simple transactions right on Transaction History without going to a separate page.
  • Better handling of refills. Designate a date and where the money came from (e.g., “My Employer, Inc.”)
  • More charts. Envelope balance and budget allocation chart to go along with charts to see your expenses by month and expenses across months.
  • Tags. Mark an entry with #tax for tax-deductible or #honda for your spouse’s car, for example. Then report across just that tag.
  • Currency Support. €, ¥, and £ for the budgeting pleasure of all EEBA fans out there.

Of course you’ve also got remembered refills, envelope transfers, transaction download, and more.

Still more features on the way! But for now login to the website to check out the new stuff and, if you’re interested, our roadmap (click “What’s BETA mean?”).

Then tell us your comments, questions, or *gasp*, complaints. We love hearing from you!

Much love and happy budgeting,
The EEBA Team
You can keep a budget. EEBA can help!TM

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  • Talk to us. Give us your ideas via EEBA’s GetSatisfaction community. Some of our best ideas have come from you.
  • Bug us. If you run into a bug, please, please, please email us at support@eebacanhelp.com. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.
  • Become her fan and stay up to date. Add yourself as a Fan on EEBA’s Facebook page to find out right away when EEBA gets updated.
  • Tell a friend. Forward this message or invite some friends after you logout of the website.
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And, finally, some credit where credit is due: joshua, elaine, in-app transaction edits; janaemarch, daffyducke, judith, kris for selectable budget periods; dave for reporting currency issues; elaine for bug report on this last release; mike for detailed roadmap suggestions. And special thanks to grazielle for faces of EEBA!

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