More Envelopes, Splits, Basic Charts, and Remembered Refills

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Hi there,

We’re excited to announce a number of new features for EEBA, many of them suggested by you!

New Website Features

Our website release this past Monday includes:

  • Splits! Split a transaction over multiple envelopes. For when your trip to the grocery store also includes other purchases.
  • Remembered refills. Use these to refill your envelopes the same way each time. Useful for allocating your paychecks to envelopes in a certain way.
  • Transfers. Move money from envelope to envelope. But only if you *really* must… Stay disciplined!
  • Basic charts. A pie chart to help you see where you’re spending in a particular month and bar graph to see expenses over time.
  • Descriptions. Add your description for a transaction.
  • A variety of tweaks to make the website easier to use. Click on a recent transaction to edit it, use a hotkey for recording a transaction, and more.
  • And, introducing Annual Envelopes. Special envelopes designed for expenses that occur occasionally, but which you save up for. Like car insurance, property tax and auto repairs. Now, there are 20 envelopes total.

New Android App Features

And the most recent 2 releases of the application include:

  • Location-awareness. For a bit of extra help in entering payees. Suggests the closest payees you’ve used when you record an expense. Not interested? No problem. Turn it completely off in the app Settings.
  • Descriptions. Yup, add your description via the device too.
  • Specify Date. Put in a transaction you forgot from yesterday. That said, recording right away really is healthiest for your budget.

Still more features on the way! But for now login to the website to check out the new stuff and, if you’re interested, our roadmap (click “What’s BETA mean?”).

Then tell us your comments, questions, or *gasp*, complaints. We love hearing from you!

Much love and happy budgeting,
The EEBA Team
You can keep a budget. EEBA can help!TM

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Special thanks to Lawrence (location-awareness), boonhui (editing adjustment transactions), and gregsvo (a slew of web enhancements) for your suggestions via GetSatisfaction.

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