Getting Started: Household Budgeting Periods


EEBA is now Goodbudget! Goodbudget has all the great features of EEBA (and more!) in a new and updated interface. Check out our updated article on this topic, and check out the Goodbudget Help Center for the most recent help content.

We’ve found that people have all different types of budgeting periods, and we’ve built EEBA to support a number of them. Your budget can start monthly, weekly, semi-monthly and bi-weekly. For monthly budgeters, you can choose to start your budget any day of the month. For weekly budgeters, you can choose to start your budget any day of the week.

Choosing a Budget Period

You’ll want to choose your budget period to match with your primary income source. So, for example, if your paycheck comes on the 15th of every month, choose the Monthly budget period beginning the 15th.

How Do I Set a Budgeting Period?

When you signed up, you were automatically set up on a Monthly budgeting period, beginning the 1st day of the month. To change this, go to Settings on the website and choose the “Budget Period” option. There you’ll be able to set your actual budget period.

If you have already set up your budgets for each of your envelopes, you’ll want to go back to the “Envelopes…Set Up Your Budgets” page on the website to make sure that the budgets that you set are correct for your new budgeting period. We’ll automatically recalculate the amounts for your Annual/Irregular envelopes.

That’s it! Once you have your budget period set, EEBA will be able to better help you track how you’re doing in the middle of a month (or week, or half-month…)

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