Envelope Funding: Is there an option to rollover extra funds into Savings?


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It would be nice if you guys had a spillover option or savings, for example:

Let’s assume my monthly salary is $2000, my rent is $800, Groceries is $200, Entertainment is $200, Gas is $200.

My monthly is $2000, I’m only filling my envelopes up to $1400, it’d be nice if there was an option for the remainder to be placed into an optional savings envelope of some sort. As of right now, I’m manually subtracting the difference and creating my own savings envelope, just so (with Accounts turned on) EEBA doesn’t complain that my Bank Account balance is unequal to my envelope budget.

This suggestion is one that we’ve heard a few times, so we definitely have it in our feature list that we expect to implement in a future release. The current way to accomplish this is similar to what you are doing. I would suggest setting up a remembered refill that fills your envelopes from your salary with either resets (top-offs) or refills (with rollover) as you choose for each of your envelopes. Then create a Savings envelope and use “Add Specific Amount” for that one. Adjust it so that the total amount being funded is correct as compared to the total amount of your paycheck. The next time you receive a paycheck, choose your remembered refill and then adjust just the amount being funded for your Savings envelope, again so that the total equals your paycheck.

This will keep your account balances and envelope balances in balance and will also allow you to record the actual amount of your paycheck. Also, it accurately reflects what’s going on–you’re spending beneath your paycheck amount so your additional funds go to savings! You could also get fancier and set up separate savings funds using grouped envelopes, e.g., “Savings: Emergency Fund”, “Saving: General”

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