Three Years of EEBA

EEBA is now Goodbudget! You can find the most up-to-date information about using Goodbudget on our Help Center.

This November, EEBA will celebrate its third year of helping users sync their budgets, manage their finances, and save money for the things that matter. It has been an amazing time and we’ve been blown away by the creativity and dedication of our users.

Most of all, we are humbled by the ways you choose to make EEBA a part of your financial lives. Here at EEBA HQ, we often share poignant feedback or touching reviews with each other, and delight in seeing the ways EEBA has made a difference in people’s lives.

Especially delightful to us are stories of people coming together about their budget.

LOVE THIS APP! My husband and I love this program. It updates on both of our phones and so far we’ve been able save a ton of money! I would recommend it to anyone! – Jacqueline

We are proud of EEBA’s mobile sync feature, keeping your budget in sync on multiple mobile devices and the web automatically, but seeing how it helps users communicate and stick with a budget together makes us even prouder!

We also work hard to make EEBA powerful but still intuitive and easy to use. It’s a hard line to walk, so we’re always eager to hear how the choices we’ve made are working out for our users.

I’ve tried a lot of budget apps & EEBA is far and away the best! Using envelopes keeps me from spending more money than I have. It’s the perfect tool if you’re serious about budgeting. – Tracy

Simple & Practical I finally have found a system and app that simply does the job without the fluff. Great! – Mike

New budgeters also are dear to our hearts. We love helping users break through their roadblocks and see for themselves what a difference budgeting can make.

I’ve never budgeted my entire life.  I would try and fail time after time.  This app has finally gotten me on track! – Flying Olivia

Best of all are the stories of users who reach the goals they’ve set with EEBA. Whether it’s cutting back on spending, paying down debt, or saving up for something special, nothing makes us happier than seeing EEBA help a user accomplish their goals!

Great product. My wife and I can both login to the app on our own phones which is awesome. We haven’t saved any money in the past two years but since using the app in the last three weeks we’ve reduced spending and are saving up for a trip for the family. – Dean

Excellent, simple and quick. Using this app is super easy. Love the sync ability on multiple phones. Widget for quick trans works great. Helped cut our spending by $600/month. – lavs23

I have developed such a discipline for spending because of this app! The agony of watching that little green bar shorten, the joy of saving and investing, and the undeniable conviction from the disappointed face of that little envelope have sharpened my financial awareness immeasurably. (: Great app! – KingMyztro

So keep it up! Keep on budgeting, let us know what you think, give us your feedback, and if you accomplish a goal or need some help, let us know! We’re always here to help!

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1 thought on “Three Years of EEBA”

  1. I wrote my own EEBA type budgeting program in BASIC way back in 1981, but EEBA does what I did my program to do, on my Android phone now. I can take it with me where ever I go and my wife and I are true partners in our budget in real time!

    EEBA has played a big role in keeping my wife and I working together, and in allowing us to make important decisions together, on the fly!

    Thank you so much!



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