EEBA is Becoming Goodbudget


In November, you can expect a new name, new visuals, and a redesigned web app completely rethought from the ground up.

EEBA will become Goodbudget.

The reasons for the switch

EEBA became more than envelope budgeting software. Our software had one goal when we first opened our doors in November 2009: create virtual envelopes. Over the years, we added features like checkbook reconciliation, accounts, and recurring transactions because of your honest, what-makes-real-life-better feedback.

The name EEBA represents a version of the app that hasn’t existed for three years, because we became more than envelope budgeting software.
We became household budgeting software.

We formed our philosophy about money. In the process of talking with you about your budgets and living with our own budgets as well, we discovered what we believe about budgeting (and saving and spending and giving).

It’s our core convictions, values, and approach for managing your personal finances in the real world.

We call it The Goodbudget Way. Plus, “The EEBA Way” just doesn’t roll off the tongue, ya know?

Goodbudget expresses our identity as a company. Building a company is a process (just like learning how to budget!). Over the years, we’ve gotten to know you – your hopes, your dreams, your needs, your wants. We’ve gotten to know ourselves – who we are, what we believe, how we work. And we’ve gotten to know our product and the way it changes people’s finances and lives.

There are lots of words that describe what inspires us, how we serve, and the values we encourage: Generosity. Simplicity. Harmony. Wholeness.

And the word that sums it all up is good. Very, very good.

EEBA is becoming Goodbudget.

It’s going to be a fun ride.

All of your information will transfer over automatically

Ah yes, time for the nuts and bolts. If you already use EEBA, you will keep your same username, password, envelopes, accounts, transactions, synced devices — all of your data. You’ll use it all with Goodbudget.

There’s more to come

In the weeks before launch, you can expect blog posts unveiling the details about why Goodbudget is good. Stay tuned!

Questions? Leave a comment below. We’re an open book.

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3 thoughts on “EEBA is Becoming Goodbudget”

  1. The new changes are great! The one BIG thing that I REALLY miss is this: In EEBA when I entered in transactions I could see, in the drop-down menu for my budget categories, how much money was available in each category. So if I didn’t have enough if one category to cover the transaction, I could pull from another category. PLEASE add this feature to Goodbudget!
    I also liked, in EEBA, that I could enter a transaction and click “record AND NEW” and add another transaction without having to open up the window again. It was faster when I had multiple transactions to record.

    • @Angie, I’m glad you like the new changes! Seeing your envelope balances in the Add Transaction drop-downs is coming to Goodbudget. You can see the full list of the features that you can expect in Goodbudget over the next couple months here

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