Reports Help You See Where it All Goes

See how much you’re earning — and spending. And see where it’s all going. Check out your reports on Android, iPhone, or the Web!


Income vs. Spending. This report shows if you’re living within your means, or just plain ol’ spending more than you’re making. (Hope not.)

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck, sharing a Household, or tracking multiple incomes, keep an eye on your income easily. With the Income vs. Spending Report, you can be sure you’re spending less than you earn and gain peace of mind!


Spending by Envelope Report. This colorful report shows what you spent on each category for this month, last week, last month…or whatever time range will help you understand your spending. Tap on your Food, Fun, or Vacation Envelope to highlight it.

Happy budgeting!

– The Goodbudget Team

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20 thoughts on “Reports Help You See Where it All Goes”

    • Hi Pete – What do you mean by save your budget? To clarify, editing your budget for Feb is optional. If you like how it is now, just refill your Envelopes to refresh your Envelope balances for Feb.

  1. I’m with Pete, How do you get the beginning purchasing figures go back to 0 for the beginning of the next month?????

  2. Really loved it the first month, and now having trouble understanding it the second month………please help….trying to start March 0 budget, even added new envelopes with “Groceries March 2018” and I am able to add this way, but then it didn’t except on of my eating out receipts, really weird, what is the step to start over for your second month and so forth?

  3. How is my income calculated? It’s showing way higher than actual. I think it may be counting account transfer income- but that isn’t actually income. And it doesn’t seem to be negating it by adding the same transfers out of an account as spending. Help.

    • HI Kerstin – The Income vs. Spending report counts income from Fills From Incomes and Incomes to Unallocated. Account transfers won’t be counted. If you’ve made an error when adding an income, you can try filtering for ‘Type: Income’ on the website to help spot the error so you can correct it.

  4. How can I see the actual figures I put in each envelope, not just the total? For example, I want to make sure I did not miss putting in an amount.

    • Hi Barbara – You can tap on each Envelope one at a time to see if you’ve put money into it. Or, click on your most recent fill transaction to see if it’s adding money to each Envelope. Hope that helps!

  5. I guess I did not explain myself thoroughly. I would like to see individual amounts I have put into each envelope that make up the total to be able to check to make sure I haven’t missed an item, for example, a particular grocery receipt on a specific date. Is there anyway to do that? Also it would be great to see what you have spent for an envelope instead of just what is left.

    • Hi Barbara – Thanks for clarifying! It sounds like you want to know how you can make sure you’ve recorded all of your transactions. The best way to do that would be reconcile your Accounts every month when you receive your bank statements. Reconciling allows you to compare the data you’ve recorded in Goodbudget against your bank account to make sure you haven’t missed anything. You can see more about reconciling here.

      Finally, if you want to see the total you’ve spent in an Envelope, head to your Spending by Envelope report to see the figure.

      Hope that helps!

  6. I have used envelope budgeting software before, and always have trouble getting the reports I need for filing my taxes mostly in the income categories. I’ve had to add envelopes for income and then transfer out to expense envelopes. Do you have examples of your reports posted somewhere? Basically I want an income/expense report like in accounting software. Thanks.

    • Hi Tanya,

      There are some screenshots of our Reports in the post above. Specifically, the top photo is of our Income vs Spending Report, which shows you a month-by-month look at your total income figure vs your total spending. Is that what you were looking for?

  7. I’d like to see the bottom line for income/spending report – not having to do the arithmetic of subtracting each month and then adding it all together. From Feb. 20-May 2 I can see pictures of each month but I want a total – say I spent $22,600 over that time and earned $26,564 – is there a way the report will tell me difference during selected time?
    I can select the time, but the chart it gives me is pictoral by month and requires me to do calculations myself for each month and then adding that all together.

    • Hi Wendolyn,

      You can hover your mouse over the black “Cash Flow” line to see the net amount for a given amount, but currently there’s not really a way to have that one month net amount summed over a longer set of time. Thanks for making this request, and I’ve added it to our tracker for future development consideration.

  8. Is there a way to remove a transaction from the report? Last fall my father gave me $2000 to loan to a friend, and in May she gave me a check to pay it back. I don’t normally move around that much money, so the transaction is a huge anomaly throwing off my monthly spending report (it creates a ginormous spike). I’d love to not have that transaction included so I can see what MY monthly spending is as I track how my monthly spending is looking on average.

    • Hi Sarah – Thanks for posting! Many of the reports will allow you to filter by a specific Envelope or a specific Account, but you’re unable to remove a specific transaction from the report. If, however, you’re not using an Envelope specifically for ‘Reimbursements,’ it might help to make one so that you can loan out and receive repayment back into that specific Envelope. That way, that kind of outing/incoming will be a bit easier to spot and mentally remove from your spending totals.

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