16 Things You Should Be Saving For

I can think of at least five expenses that don’t happen very frequently that often get left out of our budgets. And, you might be thinking, “I only pay for my car registration once a year, so I don’t need to budget for it.” But, the truth is, when we plan ahead for expenses like these, we will be less tempted to dip into our savings or feel less stressed out when it comes time to pay the bill.

Below are a list of expenses that we can plan for now, so that it’s easier to pay them later.


  • Car registration
  • Annual roadside assistance programs
  • Car Insurance (if you pay on a non-monthly basis)
  • Car maintenance


  • Gifts and Celebrations
  • Holiday Spending
  • Travel / Vacation


  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • Glasses
  • Teeth cleanings

Kids & Education

  • Summer Childcare / Camps
  • Back to school supplies


  • Property taxes
  • Home maintenance


  • Annual Subscriptions

Once you figure out what those expenses are you for, start saving a little bit each month for them using Annual Envelopes in Goodbudget. 

Happy budgeting,
The Goodbudget Team

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