10 Times You Made Goodbudget Better

With more to come

It seems just like yesterday that Goodbudget (then EEBA) made its debut, and it’s crazy to think about just how much Goodbudget has changed since then.

When Goodbudget was first launched, it looked very different. Here’s the old EEBA Add Transaction screen. Can you spot the difference?? 😉

It’s taken ten years of growth and innovation to make Goodbudget what it is today, and many of those changes were inspired by you. Here are just a handful:

  1. When we first launched, Accounts didn’t exist. But you told us you needed to track your real life account balances too! The Accounts feature was added soon after.
  2. You asked for sub-categories to help you organize your Envelopes, so we added Envelope Groups to the web.
  3. Because you enjoyed budgeting on the go with the Android app so much, you asked us to build an iPhone app, and we did!
  4. You told us you needed to schedule your transactions, so you didn’t have to add your car insurance payment EVERY SINGLE TIME. We added a scheduling feature to the web.
  5. Then scheduled transactions came to the mobile apps so you could create them on the go.
  6. You inspired us to add your two favorite reports (Income vs. Spending and Spending by Envelope) to the iPhone and Android apps.
  7. You’ve been working toward so many awesome budgeting goals, so we built Goal Envelopes for the web.
  8. Many of you receive income and track expenses on every two weeks… but you also have expenses that are monthly. We added a feature for multiple budget periods so you could finally track them in the same budget.
  9. Because many of you told us you’re on a journey to become debt free, we added Debt features to the web.
  10. You spend, save, and give to what’s truly important in so many amazing ways, so we launched a podcast to highlight your inspiring stories.

Here’s to many more changes inspired by you! What’s up next? Because you’ve told us how handy it would be to search for transactions on the go, we’re working to bring the Search feature to the iPhone app.

Happy budgeting,
The Goodbudget Team

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