How to Save Money When You Need to Save Money

…when life hands you lemons

It’s fair to say that life has its share of ups and downs. And sometimes we have to pull back on our spending to adjust to changes in income or circumstance. Or sometimes, we just decide we’re tired of paying an arm and a leg for things that shouldn’t cost that much and make a change to gain control over our finances again. 

Whatever the reason may be, we wanted to know how Goodbudgeters save money when they need to. Here are a few of our favorite money saving tips from you!

1. Shop your pantry

Shop your freezer and pantry. Lots of us (myself included) have at least a week or more worth of food. We might just need to get a little creative.” – Heather

2. Find low-cost or free entertainment

“I do a soft spending freeze – not on bills, obviously, but on everything else. No books or entertainment that costs money. The library has a great selection of audiobooks and a limited selection of DVDs, so it’s not like total deprivation.” – Wendy

3. Cut your cell phone bill

“I switched from a big cell carrier to pay-for-what-you-use service on Ting, and we saved $80 per month by paying only for what we use.  That’s almost $1000 per year!” – Chi-En

4. Try Goodbudget! 

“Before I got married I used Goodbudget for about a year, and in that time I was able to pay off $10k of debt in 10 months. Now me and my wife use it together, and I’m convinced it eliminates almost ALL fights about money. Thank you so much!”  – James 

What are your favorite money saving tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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