Wanna spend less on your cell phone bill?

Nowadays, a cell phone is a must-have item. Year over year, we’re spending more time on our phones as they basically become little computers that we carry with us everywhere. Unsurprisingly, we’re also shelling out a lot of money paying for them. Whether it’s getting the latest and greatest iPhone to paying for costly insurance, it’s adding up. 

The good news is we do have options that can make our cell phone bill a little cheaper. So if you’re considering ways to reduce yours, read on.

1. Join a family plan

This might not be a possibility for everyone, but for those of you with siblings or parents who are willing to join a plan with you, it’s worth considering. Many carriers offer discounts when the plan covers more than one line, which will, in turn, lower the portion that you’re on the hook for. 

2. Automatic and paperless billing options are your friend

Whether because they’re trying to be environmentally conscious, or because they want to make sure they collect your bill, some carriers offer discounts when you sign up for paperless bills or automatic payments. Check with your carrier to see if they offer similar discounts. 

3. Spend less on your device

There are two ways you can do this: keep your phone for longer or buy a gently used phone when you do upgrade. Keeping your phone for longer can be challenging for folks who want the latest and greatest model as they come out. But, you pay a premium to stay so up to date. Often, when a new phone is purchased, it’s paid off over two year contract, which means the monthly cell phone bill will be higher. By keeping your phone for longer, you can avoid that. 

If you opt to buy a gently used phone, make sure that you look for a phone that is ‘unlocked’ (meaning it can be used with any carrier), or that it does work with your specific carrier. 

4. Cut out the stuff you don’t use

It’s easy to go on autopilot and continue paying for extras that don’t really make sense anymore. If you used to travel internationally on a regular basis, but don’t anymore, it doesn’t make sense to pay for international roaming. So analyze your bill and cut anything that doesn’t work for you anymore, like extra minutes, or unlimited texting or data. Keep only what you will use!

5. Pay only for what you use by switching to Ting

You might have heard of some companies that offer pay-as-you-go services. Ting is one of them. What’s great is that you pay for something only when you use it. That means, when you spend less time talking on the phone or use Wi-Fi for calls, texts and data, you pay less! So, for the folks that like challenging themselves to spend less where they can, this is a great service. 

With these few things in mind, you’ll be able to cut your cell phone bill so you can use that money on your other money goals.

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1 thought on “Wanna spend less on your cell phone bill?”

  1. Buying an annual cell phone plan is a lot cheaper. I got a year of unlimited talk and text and 5gb high speed data/month for $240/yr.


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