Calm Financial Fears by Getting Prepped

In this season of life, things are looking different than we might have expected they would. Right about now, as the weather gets warmer, we might have expected to be spending time outside in the sun with friends and family. Instead, many of us are continuing to stay home, while others may be cautiously resuming certain activities. In this climate, it’s easy to feel isolated and a bit out of sorts. 

When it comes to money and budgeting, we might be more confused and worried than usual. Even if our income hasn’t been directly affected by the devastating worldwide pandemic yet, we all know folks who are feeling the pinch already. On top of that, we hear talk of an oncoming recession. 

If you’re feeling worried about your financial future, know that you’re not alone. And while there are many things we don’t know, we do know that there are things we can do to prepare ourselves as best we can for pay cuts or even job loss. That’s not to say we can be 100% insulated from everything, but we can get our financial emergency plans in place so that we’re not scrambling to figure out what to do after an emergency strikes. 

With emergency planning comes the peace of mind and confidence needed to combat those worries. 

Check out the GB Bulletin to see how you can get prepared, from creating a lean version of your budget to building an emergency budget plan. 

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