Money Lessons from Moms

If you’re looking for money advice, there’s no shortage of places to look. There are financial literacy courses you can find online and in person, there are online blogs from people who’ve claimed to have “hacked” the financial system, and so many more.

But general advice can feel impersonal, and it doesn’t necessarily always fit our specific situations. If you’re looking for grounded, relatable money lessons, sometimes the best advice comes from people in our lives.

Here are some important money lessons Goodbudgeters have learned from their moms.

“My mum told me that you had to watch what you put in your grocery basket as it’s easy to overspend on food.” – Sarah

Stick to a budget – very little is worth going into debt to have it “now.” – Wendy

“When I was a kid, my mom didn’t have a budget in the way that I do now as an adult. But, from just watching her, I learned that budgeting is about priorities. We can’t always have all the things we want while still getting all the things we need. We have to prioritize the way we spend so that our needs are covered.” – Karisa

“Teach your children to budget when they get their first job!! When my kids got their first job, I put them through Budgeting Bootcamp with me for their first 6 months of paychecks. They contributed to their cell phone and car insurance bills and learned to use the envelope method.” – Jenifir

What money lessons did you learn from your mom?

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