iPhone: Due Dates Make Filling Your Envelopes Easier

Know when your bills are due

Living paycheck to paycheck is already challenging, and filling your Envelopes without having an easy way to see which bills are due between now and your next paycheck doesn’t make things any easier. That’s especially true if you fill your Envelopes multiple times a month.

Now, with Due Dates on iPhone, you can see your Envelopes’ due dates as you fill. That makes it a little easier to know how to divvy up your paycheck when you’re on the go.

Know how much more you need to fill

Envelopes with due dates have an internal tally that keeps track of how much you’ve added so far throughout the month. That helps you know how much more you need to fill, even if you’ve spent a little since then. 

Update to the latest version for iPhone so you can add Due Dates now!

Happy budgeting,
The Goodbudget Team

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3 thoughts on “iPhone: Due Dates Make Filling Your Envelopes Easier”

    • Hi Luigi, this feature is already available on the Web, and you can see the announcement post here. As for Android, it’s on our list of considerations, but I don’t have any news to share at this time about when it might happen.

  1. I really appreciate the improvements that have been made. I feel that there is someone listening and I’m a valued customer rather than part of someones salary.


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