Bank sync: fixes and enhancements

For those of you who’ve been using Bank Sync with Goodbudget Premium thus far, thanks for your feedback. We’ve prioritized what to do next based on what we’re seeing in our observations of how everyone’s using the features, as well as what we’re hearing through our support channels, both private and public.

Another significant factor in our prioritization has been the people who expressed the strongest need and desire for Bank Sync in the first place. If you’re someone who wants to budget but find that, try as you might, having to manually enter transactions stops you in your tracks, Bank Sync is for you. Goodbudget’s Bank Sync feature brings in your transactions automatically so that you can focus on the part that’s unique to you – the way you like to categorize them into the Envelopes in your budget. (If on the other hand, you like to enter your transactions manually, Goodbudget Free and Plus are still here for you!)

We’re grateful for our beta testers’ feedback (you know who you are!) that helped us identify and fix the most important early issues… and also let us know that the benefits of Bank Sync as it stood far outweighed the kinks that still existed, so it was time to make it available to anyone who wanted it. And of course, we’ll continue to improve this feature set going forward.

In the months ahead, you can expect these fixes and features to come to Bank Sync with Goodbudget Premium:

  • iOS: Offer Premium to US users only, offer Plus to non-US users
    • Avoids upgrade/downgrade when non-US banks aren’t supported by Plaid
  • iOS/Web: Add & improve prompt to fix broken bank connections
    • Avoids gap in transaction data when transactions stop being imported due to bank connection problem
  • Web/iOS: Select transaction type for imported transactions with a positive amount
    • Avoids incorrectly saving account transfers like credit card payments as incomes
  • iOS: Add toast after successfully linking account
    • Avoids confusion when users are unsure if account linkage worked

We are also aware of these feature requests and have considered possible solutions for them, but they are not currently on our engineering schedule:

  • Match imported transactions to manual transactions
  • Sync initial transaction history
  • Save imported transactions as debt payments

While we haven’t ruled these out, we don’t have active plans to work on these:

  • Web: Improve advanced search on Transactions to Confirm screen
  • Confirm different halves of account transfers separately
  • Force a bank sync on a linked account
  • Add a second aggregator to support more financial institutions and countries

For more details about what’s already released, you can check out our changelog, and for a zoomed out view of what we’re building, designing, and dreaming about, you can see our roadmap.

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