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Wanna spend less on your cell phone bill?

Nowadays, a cell phone is a must-have item. Year over year, we’re spending more time on our phones as they basically become little computers that we carry with us everywhere. Unsurprisingly, we’re also shelling out a lot of money paying

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How to Save Money When You Need to Save Money

…when life hands you lemons It’s fair to say that life has its share of ups and downs. And sometimes we have to pull back on our spending to adjust to changes in income or circumstance. Or sometimes, we just

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Generosity in a time of COVID

One thing I know to be true about people is that we’re resilient. In times of crisis, we tend to band together and support one another. We find ways to be generous with our time, money and energy to help

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15 Home Buying Expenses that Surprised Me

It’s more than just the down payment Buying a home is an awesome financial goal! There are so many pros to owning your own home. There’s more privacy. You can paint the walls without having to ask permission. Unlike a

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Want to buy a home? Get your budget ready first.

My mom was a real estate agent who worked from home, so I grew up going to open houses and listening to her stories about offers, counteroffers, inspections, and escrows.  But even with that background, I came into my first

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