Budget with a why

How much can I afford to give?

This spring, I came across an opportunity to help a friend. This friend of mine would be living in the slums of Manila and working with women exiting prostitution, and I hoped to help her get there. There are many

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When is it OK to use your credit card?

When is it OK to use your credit card? Some might say never, and with consumer debt topping 1.7 trillion dollars this year, maybe they’re right.* But why are credit cards so bad, and is going all cash really the

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Sync Your EEBA Household

Update EEBA is now Goodbudget! Goodbudget has all the great features of EEBA (and more!) in a new and updated interface. Check out our updated article on this topic, and check out the Goodbudget Help Center for the most recent

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6 Budgeting Tips to Get the Most Out of the EEBA App

EEBA is now Goodbudget! You can find the most up-to-date information about using Goodbudget on our Help Center. Angela Colley is a financial writer for Money Crashers Personal Finance, an online resource with tips for budgeting, saving for long-term goals,

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