EEBA Web Interface will be Retired

Dear users,

We’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring the EEBA website next month on April 16, 2015. This change does not affect our Android app, iPhone app, and Goodbudget website — you can continue budgeting there with your same envelopes, accounts, and transactions.

When we launched Goodbudget approximately 16 months ago, we announced that we would eventually be shutting down the classic EEBA website. In the interim, we would maintain and allow you the ability to use both to manage your budget.

Why are we retiring the EEBA website?

We’re an energetic team that works smart, but we are also aware that we have limited resources to do everything we’d like to do. Because of this, we need to make sure that we’re stewarding these resources wisely and in the way that best serves our user community.

The Goodbudget and EEBA websites share the same backend data and, for the most part, provide the same functionality. But the Goodbudget interface is preferred by 94% of all of our budgeters. So it makes sense to direct our time, effort, and energy toward it. In the past year, we’ve added Goal Envelopes, an Income v. Spending Report, and future transactions to the Goodbudget website along with numerous other improvements. And having weekly, monthly, and 3-month Envelopes simultaneously will be coming to Goodbudget this year too.

While in a perfect world, we would keep the EEBA interface up and available, the reality is that as we make improvements and release features going forward, it takes significant extra effort to maintain (and support) the EEBA website on top of the Goodbudget website and our Android and iOS apps. This is true even when the improvements we make aren’t visible on the EEBA website. In fact, one of the reasons why we originally undertook the Goodbudget redesign was because EEBA grew up too quickly and the website wasn’t built in a way that made the software easy to maintain.

For Current EEBA Users

For those of you still using EEBA, you can login to Goodbudget with your same username and password, and all your data syncs securely between both websites as well as our Android and iPhone apps.  For now, you can go back and forth between the two websites until we shut down the EEBA site. While all the features from EEBA are in Goodbudget, we know that the two websites are laid out differently. To ease your transition, we’ve written a how-to article to help you get started; and Becky and Steve on our stellar support team are also always available.

While we would love for you to continue with us at Goodbudget, we also understand if you choose to find another budgeting tool. We’ve always been committed to your data being your data. You can get your data (Envelopes, Transactions, and Accounts) as CSV files — just email with your username. For those who have supported us as paid subscribers (deep thanks), you can cancel your subscription directly from the Goodbudget site. If you’re cancelling an annual subscription, we’d also like to offer a refund for the remaining time on your subscription. Just email us at As always, we wish you the best on your budgeting journey.

Thank you.

Decisions like this aren’t easy to make. But we firmly believe this is the right choice for the whole community of folks that rely on our service to manage your finances, and we thank you for your support.

With appreciation,

Chi-En and the team

UPDATE: Based on feedback from people who were using the EEBA web interface and those who are using the Goodbudget web interface, we plan to make the following changes to the Goodbudget website:

  • Add Transaction: fix resizing for more browsers to show ‘Save’ button
  • Add Transaction: add error message for commas and spaces
  • Advanced Search: support day/month date preference
  • Import: drag to match, even if transactions are off screen
  • Import CSV: support DD-MMM-YY date format

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8 thoughts on “EEBA Web Interface will be Retired”

  1. The functionality isn’t all that different. Honestly I’ve kept using the old site just because I’m stubborn and I vastly prefer the EEBA name for some reason.

  2. Huge EEBA / GB fan – I try to get all my friends using this. Completely understand this switch and I think you guys are doing it well! Looking forward to getting used to GB, looks like some good improvements have been made.


  3. I use Goodbudget for everything but my deposits. I still haven’t figured out how to add money directly to specific envelopes when I deposit it into my account with Goodbudget, but it was so easy with EEBA. Does anyone know how to do this? I’ll be very disappointed if this feature isn’t corrected.

  4. Every month i use Expense vs Budget report to rearrange my budget in envelopes.
    I like it because i can see every envelopes in %s and can correlate envelopes budget accordingly in every envelopes i need.
    I hate Spending vs Budget report because it useless for this activity, and i need to make additional manual calculation to rearrange my envelopes =(.

    For example i have an entertaiment envelope with anuual budget 1200$.
    I can open EEBA Expense vs Budget report and see that for last 12 month current expense in %s is 80% for my annual budget. After i see it i know, that can decrease my envelope budget to 90%.
    I gett my 1200$ divide by 100 and multiply by 90 = 1080$ now i know that my new annual budget for entertaiment envelope will be 900$.

    In goodbudget it much harder manipulation for each envelope.
    I must open Spending vs Budget report for last 12 month and see that my entertaiment envelope expense is 960$.
    Next i must divide 960$ by 1200$=80%. Only after this i know that s my envelope 12 month expense is 80% of my annual budget, and if i have 10 envelopes i must do this manupulation on every envelope to compare which envelope budget i can decrease and increase another. It is very inconvenient for me and i dont’t want to this manipulation manually, уspecially after I have successfully used this feature in EEBA

    I’ve already asked you to something like checkbot to change view from numbers view to %s or make possible to view both of this in one report. But past 9 month you do nothing
    I know that it’s not hard to make additional checkbox to change view, but you want do it.

    I am very disappointed by your decision to close EEBA before doing normal analogue report in goodbudget.

    • Hi Alexander,
      It’s true that the the Spending vs Budget report in Goodbudget shows a different view of your transaction data using the actual amounts spent rather than the percentages. You can see the actual difference between the green and orange bars and where there is a significant difference, you can choose to make a change. This offers the same function as seeing the percentage, and users have told us seeing the actual difference is more helpful than knowing the percent difference. We understand that this isn’t the way you’ve been calculating whether or not you need to change your budget, but hope it makes sense why we made the change to display amounts. It sounds like it would be most helpful to show both the amount and percentage–I’ve added this to our requested features tracker.

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