Budgeting with Goodbudget

FAQ: How to start in the middle of the month

Q: It’s the middle of the month and I want to start using Goodbudget. Do I need to wait till the end of the month, or can I get started with Goodbudget today? The best

How do I record cashback?

Q. I often use cashback when I go shopping. How can I record that in Goodbudget? Getting “cashback” is like mixing an ATM withdrawal with a purchase. When you make a purchase with your debit

Turn Off Accounts and Budget With Envelopes

When Accounts are on, Goodbudget can help you budget with the balance available in your real life accounts, so you’ll need to select an Account to in order to save each transaction. If you’d like

Add, Edit, or Delete Accounts

You can edit, delete or create new Accounts on the web, iPhone, or Android. If you want to budget off of Envelopes only, you can turn the Accounts feature off. On the web Just login to

I created new Envelopes, but they’re not filled?

When you create new Envelopes, you’ll notice they don’t fill up with cash on their own. To fill your new Envelopes, edit your most recent fill transaction to allocate available money to the new Envelope.

I can’t import my CSV file. What do I do?

Every bank formats their CSV exports a little differently. Some formats may be difficult for Goodbudget to read and can result in an error message. The amounts don’t look like valid amounts Here’s why you

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