Using Accounts

Getting Started with Accounts

Track your bank accounts in Goodbudget and you’ll always know how much you have to spend. You can create Savings or Checking Accounts to add to your available funds, Credit Card Accounts to track how

How do I Reconcile My Accounts?

Reconciling is a great way to make sure that both Goodbudget and your bank have an accurate record of your spending each month. If you are missing transactions in Goodbudget, or there are fraudulent charges

Use a “Cash” Account to Track Money in Your Wallet

People often ask us how they should record cash based transactions. The answer is, it depends! If you’re on the free version of Goodbudget and only have access to one Account, then the simplest solution is

Transaction Status: Cleared and Reconciled

Wondering what the green check mark in the Status column means? In Goodbudget, your transactions can have one of three statuses: CLEARED — This is the green check mark which you should see when your bank shows

Can I Link my Bank Accounts to Goodbudget?

Accounts in Goodbudget are not connected to your actual bank accounts, and we won’t ask you for your bank passwords. Instead, you can track your actual bank balances by recording transactions in Goodbudget as you make

Envelope balances and Account balances

Why Envelope balances and Account balances should match Envelope Balances and Account Balances are two different views of your financial picture. Account Balances talk about how much is in each of your real-world accounts. If

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