Using Due Dates on the Web

One sentence summary: Add Due Dates to any Envelopes that are Monthly or longer and they’ll remind you when your bills are due, tell you how much you’ve filled so far, and help you fill to meet your goals on time.

Due Dates remind you when your bills are due

You can set Due Dates for all Envelopes with a period of Monthly or longer. To add one, click on the Edit Envelopes page and then on the Edit button at the right of the Envelope’s listing. A new dropdown menu will appear where you can select or enter your desired Due Date.

When you set a Due Date, that Due Date will show for the Envelope in the Envelopes sidebar on the home page, in the details card that appears when you select a specific Envelope, and on the Fill page.

Due Dates tell you how much you’ve filled so far

The details card will also tell you how much you’ve saved in a given Envelope in that Envelope’s current period. For example, consider the Monthly Envelope above with a Due Date of the 7th. The card will tell you how much that Envelope has been Filled between the 8th of the previous month and the 7th of the next month.

The “saved so far” calculation is based only on Envelope Fills and Envelope Transfers made in the current period, and is not connected to the current balance of the Envelope. Note how in the example Envelope that the “saved so far” only shows 4.00, even though the Envelope’s current balance is 52.67.

Due Dates help you fill to meet your goals on time

This “saved so far” calculation also comes into play when making an Envelope Fill. The suggested Fill amount will change depending on the “saved so far” amount, smartly adapting so that the target is reached by the Due Date. 

Again, using the example Envelope, since the “saved so far” was 4.00, 96.00 is required to be Filled to hit the budgeted amount of 100.00 for the month — again this ignores the current balance.

Key points to remember:

  • Available for Envelopes that are Monthly and longer (Monthly, Every 2 Months, Every 3 Months, Every 6 Months, Annual, Goal)
  • Available only on the Web (Due Dates are available for Annual and Goal Envelopes on the mobile apps)
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