How much do I have left in my Envelope?

Why is the number on top different from the one below it? And what does it mean?

The top number in bold is the one that changes according to what you’ve spent—this shows the current balance, while the bottom number shows the budgeted amount. Your Current Balance will show you how much you have left and enables you to make an informed choice about your next purchase. If this balance is red, try to stop spending, fill that Envelope by transferring extra funds from another Envelope, or using income you’ve added to Available.

When you fill your Envelopes, you can use the “Add” option to add the budgeted amount back in, rolling over what’s leftover to the next month, or you can use the “Set” option to reset your Envelopes so that they’re set back to the budgeted amount.

Wondering what the black line is? It moves across your Envelope bar during the month and can help you stick to your budget! Read more about it here.

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