How can I reset my Envelopes’ balances every month?

It’s a new month and you’ve Filled your Envelopes again. But last month you had overspent in a few Envelopes and spent less than budgeted in others, and now those deficits and surpluses have been carried forward into the new month. However, you want last month’s spending to only affect last month — how can you have your Envelopes reset automatically to their budgeted amounts at the beginning of each month so that they only show your current month’s spending?

You can do this by creating a scheduled Envelope Fill that Sets your Envelopes to their budgeted amounts.

  1. Start a new Envelope Fill by clicking on “Fill Envelopes” in the upper-left of the screen.

  2. In Section 1. Fill from, choose “Unallocated”.

  3. Change the Date to the 1st of the month, then check the box that says “Schedule this…” and choose “Every month”.

  4. In Section 2. Fill your envelopes, locate the dropdown menu that says “Choose a Quick Fill” and select “Set all”.

  5. Save the Envelope Fill.

You should find that your Envelopes now only show your spending for the current month. Furthermore, this Envelope Fill should post again on the first of every month, allowing you to have a clean start each month with your budgeting.

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