“Device Limit Reached?” How Can I Login?

The Free version of Goodbudget lets you share your Household budget with up to two mobile devices. The Premium version allows up to five. Logging in on the Goodbudget webpage does not count against your device limit.

When you’ve hit your limit the app will say “Device Limit Reached” and prevent additional devices from accessing your information. To change which devices have access to your Household, login to the website and head to the “Manage Devices” page.

  1. Click on My Household at the top right of the page.
  2. Then click on the Manage Devices link.
  3. There you can “Revoke access” to the phone you would like to remove. That will allow you to login with a new phone.
  4. If after “Revoking Access” you still see the error message, try “Revoking Access” to everything you see on the list. That will completely reset your device list so you can start with a fresh list.

If you revoke a device by mistake, just login again with that phone you want to keep.

Check out Goodbudget Premium if you need to share your budget with more devices.  

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