Goodbudget isn’t syncing properly, what can I do?

The Goodbudget app will automatically sync each time you open the app or record a transaction. If the app is having problems syncing try the following.

1. First make sure that you have a stable internet connection. An unstable connection will make it harder for the app to sync correctly. If you’re on WiFi, try using data. If you’re on data, trying waiting until you’re back on WiFi.

2. Try logging out and back into your Household on your phone. This will clear the local data on your phone and download a fresh copy from the web. This will solve the majority of sync issues, but any information that hasn’t synced to the web will be lost.

To avoid losing data, login to your Household on the website first, and make sure that what you see on the web matches what you see on your phone. If both platforms match, that means that your data has successfully synced to the server. If not, add the missing transactions to the website so they can sync before you log out on your phone. 

3. If you’re still having problems, contact us at If you can provide specific details about the problems you’re having or any screenshots showing what you’re seeing, that will better help us assist you.

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