How to show your overall progress in your new Debt Account

Q: I just made a new Debt Account, but I want it to show the progress I’ve made so far. How can I do that?

When you make a new Debt Account, the balance bar will start off completely full and get smaller as you make future payments. Any past progress you made on that debt won’t show on the screen automatically.

Set up Goodbudget to show your past progress by following these these steps:

  1. Make your Debt Account balance the amount you first owed on the debt on the Add/Edit Accounts page. Save your changes. That will adjust the adjust the overall debt balance to the original number.
  2. Adjust your Debt Account’s balance back down to the amount you owe right now. Again, you’ll do that via the Add/Edit Accounts page. This will adjust your existing balance back down to what you owe now and leave the overall amount that was owed on the debt at the bigger number.

At this point, the Account’s red balance bar should only be a portion of the whole bar on the Debt Account.

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