Is it possible to have a non-monthly Debt Account?

Goodbudget’s Debt features are optimized to be used for monthly payoff, but that does not stop you from doing non-monthly payments if that’s more convenient for you! There are two issues you might run into when trying to use the Debt features with a non-monthly payment schedule.

The first is that when you create your Debt Account, you’ll have to enter a “Monthly Payment” amount. This means you’ll need to calculate how much you would be paying monthly based on your current payment amounts. This is because the Debt Payment Envelope your Debt Account will be connected to will be a Monthly Envelope, and the “Monthly Payment” amount will be its Monthly budgeted amount.

The second problem you might encounter is being unable to save your Debt Payment transactions, as saving may show a message that your total payment is lower than the interest owed, blocking you from saving those transactions.

However, although the message will flash once and block you from saving initially, if you simply re-enter your information (including entering splits in the Principal and Interest fields), you should be allowed to save the transaction despite the error messages.

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