Why won’t Goodbudget recognize transactions I’ve already Imported?

When you download a QFX/OFX file from your bank or credit union, they assign each transaction on that file a unique number called a “FITID.” Goodbudget uses the FITID to identify each transaction so you don’t import the same one more than once. However, sometimes the way banks create their FITIDs changes, which means Goodbudget will be unable to recognize previously imported transactions on your Imported file.

We can check to see if that’s the problem you’re experiencing if you email us at support@goodbudget.com with two QFX/OFX files of your transactions. They will need to cover slightly different date ranges, but with some overlap so we can compare the same transaction in the two files. For example, sending one file with a date range of January 1 to January 5 and one with a date range of January 3 to January 7 would work.

If your bank has changed their FITID method, then the only way to prevent duplicate transactions from being Imported would be to only upload files covering a date range that hasn’t been uploaded before.

Alternatively, if your bank provides CSV downloads, you can also try using that file type instead. CSVs are unique in that they don’t have FITIDs. Instead, Goodbudget assigns each transaction a FITID itself. If you give this a try, you will see previously imported transactions made available to import again, and that’s because all of the transactions in the CSV will be “new” according to Goodbudget. But, so long as you continue using that same file type, those will eventually cycle out.

We want to make sure that you get answers to your questions! Feel free to email support@goodbudget.com if you're unable to find the answer to your question in this article.

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