How can I keep money in my savings account separate from my normal budget?

In Goodbudget, other than Debt Payment Envelopes and Debt Accounts, specific Envelopes are not directly linked to specific Accounts, and funds in all of your Accounts are pooled for use by all of your Envelopes.

If you have a Savings Account in your household and would like the money in that Savings Account to not be accessed by your Available (referred to as Unallocated on Android) or your normal budgeting and Envelopes, you will need to also create a Savings Envelope and Fill it with the full balance of your Savings Account. Going forward, if you make any changes to the balance of your Savings Account in the future, you will need to make an equivalent change to the Savings Envelope so that the same balance is always reflected in the two and not accessed by your normal budgeting.

For example, let’s say you want to add your Savings Account with a balance of $1000. Adding that Account would add $1000 to your Available money, so next you would create a Savings Envelope, and move that $1000 from Available to the new Savings Envelope through either an Envelope Fill or an Envelope Transfer.

This would let you track your Savings Account without having that $1000 find its way into your regular budget Envelopes. If you later make a deposit of $500 to your Savings Account, you will need to also Fill or Transfer $500 into your Savings Envelope to make sure it has the same balance.

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