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Lead Developer

Goodbudget is on the lookout for a focused, collaborative individual to serve in our home budget app business.  The Lead Developer role is a full-time position housed with the rest of our team in our San Francisco, California office.  You’ll work with our team to translate product vision into technical choices.  You’ll build and maintain our Android and iPhone apps, and you’ll work with other developers who do the same for our web app.  And you’ll grow into a role as technical owner for the product.  A passion for personal and family budgets is a huge plus!


What you’re capable of

  • Build high quality mobile apps (either Android or iPhone; bonus for both!)
  • Code proficiently in at least one of these languages: Java, ObjC, Swift
  • Work capably in Android Studio and/or XCode
  • Estimate technical effort required to build features based on product specifications
  • Coordinate with other in-house developers who build and maintain our web app
  • Make smart architecture choices for long-term, cross-platform maintenance and growth
  • Give and receive feedback effectively with design & product teammates
  • Support decision making with information about roadblocks, tradeoffs, and opportunities

What you’re ready to learn

  • Manage our existing apps’ architecture, data structure, and code on Android, iPhone, and web
  • Anticipate technical concerns, like technical debt, ease of maintenance, and cross-platform implications
  • Spot technical opportunities, especially as the Android and iOS ecosystems change
  • Propose, scope and support incorporation of new technologies
  • Contribute to the planning, design, prototyping, and execution of app releases
  • Participate in brainstorms and guide technology briefings
  • Be a thought partner to help us look out for the long-term growth of our product and brand
  • Budget for your own household with Goodbudget’s approach

What you can expect

  • Mentorship by developers and architects with 10-20 years’ experience
  • Influence over all the technical decisions we make
  • To start, technical oversight of the Goodbudget apps by the devs who built them
  • Camaraderie with fellow developers who work on other products and projects
  • An opportunity to grow into technical management as Goodbudget grows
  • A cross-functional team with product, analysis, design, customer, and marketing skills to match up with your dev skills
  • Goofy teammates who appreciate fancy ice cream and work a smart 40 hour week
  • A role in a profitable, bootstrapped app business -- we haven’t taken any outside funding since we started in 2009 and we’re in it for the long haul

Why you’ll love Goodbudget

  • We believe in a world where people are in right relationship with each other and money, and we work toward making that a reality every day.
  • We geek out over all the numbers in budgets. More than that, we believe budgets reveal what -- and whom -- we value. And the way we budget can help us focus on what’s truly important in life.
  • We believe that real money talk is based in relationships and is driven by deep values like justice and mercy, not dollars and cents.
  • We actually try to live out these hopes and ideas in our own personal and family budgeting. And when we mess up, we make changes and keep going.

Why Dayspring is unlike any other place you’ve worked

  • We desire to live out an ethic of love--for our co-workers, for our customers, and for our community--in the practice of business.
  • We sincerely desire to do right by the customers we serve. We keep our promises, we speak with respect, and we apologize when we ought to. And we expect to hold one another and to be held accountable to this.
  • We watch out for one another, and we’ll look out for you too. People aren’t constantly positioning themselves. No office politics here. And when your loved ones are sick, we’ll treat you like a person first and a worker second.
  • We share an office in San Francisco because we believe being together in person matters, and that practicing common life shapes us for the good. And we’re called and committed to our broader community in our Bayview neighborhood.

You should apply if you're...

  • A mobile developer with 2-5 years of professional experience
  • Intimately familiar with personal finance apps
  • Interested in growing into a technical oversight role -- architecture, leadership, etc.
  • Passionate about leading Goodbudget to its next chapter, technically
  • Able to communicate clearly with a cross-functional team
  • At your best in a team-oriented environment
  • Always up for a challenge and learning something new
  • Using Goodbudget (now or soon!) for your personal budget

Working at Dayspring Goodbudget

Founded in 1997 by a few Christian church members, Dayspring Technologies is a digital consultancy providing people-focused custom web and mobile development and Salesforce consulting.  Goodbudget is our home budget app for Android, iPhone, and Web; we’ve served millions of households since 2009.  Learn more about Dayspring's vision.
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Dayspring Anti-Discrimination Policy: Dayspring Technologies, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We consider all applicants for all positions without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, or any other status prohibited by law.