Welcome to the Goodbudget Way

There’s more to budgeting than just numbers. Maybe you’ve thought there’s got to be more to this budgeting thing than just sitting down, crunching numbers, and trying to cut spending so as to not go over budget.  We’re right there with you.

What’s amazing is that you (yes, you!) have found ways to make the numbers in your budgets more meaningful. You’re living out your values by the way you spend, save and give. Season 1 of The Goodbudget Way is full of real-life stories from folks who will inspire you.

Here’s what you’ll hear in episode 1 of The Goodbudget Way:

  • What the Goodbudget Way is all about
  • The 4 key ideas in The Goodbudget Way
  • Why our values in life matter when it comes to money
  • What you can expect in the rest of Season 1
  • Several real-life topics that this season’s guests will share about

Check out the first episode to learn more about what you’ll get to hear this season on The Goodbudget Way.

Show Notes:

4 Key Ideas in The Goodbudget Way

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    • Hi John – We do plan to announce when the podcast is officially available to Facebook. So, you’ll be able to share the announcement once it’s made. Hope that helps!

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