Season 1 Q & A with Chi-En

Hear what listeners had to say about what inspired them to budget with a why — and what they thought was crazy. Plus, hear what’s next for The Goodbudget Way podcast.

In this finale episode you’ll hear from:

  • Listeners who were challenged by what they heard
  • Folks who’ve been inspired to take another look at their budgets
  • People who are struggling to make changes in their own lives

In response to what he heard this season, Alan said, “Seems like an oddball idea…”

-Chi-En and the Goodbudget Team

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1 thought on “Season 1 Q & A with Chi-En”

  1. Hearing listener feedback was fun! I really like that this podcast series gets opened to up to a two-way street so listeners can add their opinions and ask their questions.

    Looking forward to Season 2! 🙂


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